Phase Two

LGBTQI nightlife infrastructure assessment

Recognising the value of our previous research on London’s LGBTQI Nightlife, the GLA has commissioned the UCL Urban Laboratory to develop this work, with a view to contributing toward the Mayor of London’s Cultural Infrastructure Plan 2018. From January until April 2017 we will be working on this next phase of the project.

The Cultural Infrastructure Plan will focus on infrastructure that supports cultural production, performance, exhibition and heritage and the first part of the Plan concentrates upon night time economy, including cultural infrastructure relating to London’s LGBTQI nightlife venues.

Overall, the aim of this phase the Urban Lab’s work on LGBTQI nightlife, is to undertake an intelligence audit of London’s LGBTQI night time; develop a data base of these venues; assess the trends of openings and closures of these venues in recent years; and identify what opportunities and challenges exist to this infrastructure.