As part of the project documenting London’s LGBTQI nightlife spaces since 1986, we’re creating an archive of images sourced from members of LGBTQI communities. These will be used as part of the documentation of evidence that this research aims to create.

If you would like to contribute, please send your image(s) to with ‘LGBTQI Nightlife Spaces’ in the subject line. Ideally we would like you to send images as 300dpi JPEG or TIFF files.

Please include:

  • Year the image was created
  • Venue/space the image depicts
  • Where the image was taken
  • Name of image creator
  • Image title
  • Image caption (100 words max)
  • By sending the image we will assume that you are the copyright holder and that you are extending us the right to include the image in this website and our research archive and/or reports, publications and other outputs related to the LGBTQI Nightlife Spaces in London project. If you do not own the copyright, please tell us who does, and give us any information that you can about how we can contact them.

We are also interested in receiving moving images, clips, links to films depicting queer spaces in London from 1986 to the present – please contact us at the above email address and we can discuss how best to send these to us.


A selection of images from our research thus far:

Ephemera from Bishopsgate Institute LGBT History archives


Ephemera from Hall Carpenter Archive at the LSE:


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